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Tips for Styling a Kitchen

Many people don't consider kitchens as great places to add layers of decor and style to a home, but they are! Here are a couple tips that will make your kitchen look photo-shoot ready at all times.

Don't hide your cookbooks

Cookbooks are a great way to add colour and life into your kitchen. My favourite way to style them is to stack them in a corner with a beautiful canister or pitcher acting as a bookend.

Show off your favourite cutting boards

I love a white kitchen, but sometimes they can come off as stark and cold. A great way to bring some warmth into a kitchen is by incorporating wood elements like cutting boards. Choose 2-3 with varying sizes and lean them against your backsplash.

Choose kitchen basics that are both beautiful and functional

There are so many great options when it comes to kitchen basics like pepper mills, olive oil decanters, butter dishes and fruit bowls. Choose options that are not only functional, but can double as decorative objects for your kitchen counter.


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