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How to Personalize your Nightstand

If you cohabitate with a significant other, chances are that the majority of your home is shared ground, meaning you have to come to an agreement on how the space looks. One of the outliers to this rule may be the nightstand. Nightstands are the perfect place to store and display books and objects that are personal to you, which is perfect when you have one for each side of the bed.

When my husband and I moved into our newly renovated apartment, I spent a lot of time sourcing new nightstands to match our fabulous bed. It took two unsuccessful attempts until I finally found ones I liked. Once they were in our home, I really wanted to style the nightstands with objects that reflect both of our personalities.

For my nightstand, I went for a pink theme as I wasn't able to sell my husband on pink for any other room in our home. I choose a couple of beautiful coffee table books for the lower shelf and then finished off the top with some special trinkets. I added a candle in my favourite scent (Mokara by Voluspa), a gold wishbone, a bud vase with fresh flowers and a ring dish to store my jewellery before bed.

My pink nightstand.

For my husband's side, I selected a couple of books that he likes to ground the bottom shelf and then topped them with a cool marble box, where he can store small items like cufflinks. On top of the nightstand, I placed a vintage silver ashtray where he can leave his watch (so he can always find it!) along with his favourite cologne. To keep it sentimental, I added a photo from our wedding.

The man side.

The full effect

I'm really happy with how it all turned out, and especially that each of our nightstands feel personal to us.

Bed - The Stephanie Bed, available at The Cross Decor & Design

Nightstands - Style in Form, available at The Cross Decor & Design

Lamps - Cupcakes & Cashmere, available at Nordstrom

Bedding - Brooklinen

Tibetan Lamb Throw Pillow - The Cross Decor & Design


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