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How to Master the Throw Pillow Mix

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Toss cushions are an essential accessory for a well-designed room. As large pieces of furniture like sofas and bed frames are generally in neutral colours for longevity, toss cushions are a great way of infusing colour and texture into your space!

Mastering a perfect throw pillow mix is not rocket science, but it can be dauting if you don’t know where to start. The key is to have fun with the process and pick pillows that speak to your individual design aesthetic.

Here is how I approach a throw pillow mix:

1. Identify your base

Where are your pillows going to live? A grey couch? A white bed? A striped banquet? This is the first step to consider, as you will want to pull out a colour from this piece of furniture as the starting place for your colour palette.

2. Pick some prints

For a large couch, I recommend selecting 2-4 pillows that have distinct prints or patterns. You want to make sure that the patterns relate back to each other. I really like a monochromatic palette, so I will usually pick prints that range within a single colour, like the grey/blue palette I chose for my living room.

3. Finish the look with solid colours

To balance out the prints, I like to pick 1-2 solid colour pillows to anchor the look.

Just because the colour is all the same doesn’t mean the pillows have to be boring, this is your opportunity to bring in texture. Look for pillows in fabrics like sheepskin or woven linen to create visual interest.

The result is that you should have a mix of throw pillows that feel effortlessly coordinated!

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