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Assembling The Perfect Bar Cart

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

My husband and I love to entertain and having a well-stocked bar cart makes it so easy to swing into hosting mode. A good bar cart should have a variety of spirits as well as common mixers so that you have everything on hand to make classic cocktails. The bonus is that bar carts are visually beautiful so they double as a lovely design element in your home.

To execute a perfect bar cart, you will need:


- Vodka

- Gin

- Bourbon Whiskey

- Scotch Whiskey

- Tequila

- Rum


- Angostura Bitters (Old Fashion)

- Vermouth (Negroni and Martini)

- Cointreau (Margarita)


- Martini shaker

- Jigger

- Strainer

- Peeler

- Mixing spoon


- A selection of different types of glassware including tumblers, high ball glasses, coupes, and flutes.

To Style:

- Cocktail recipe book

- Antique decanter

- Fun décor pieces (I have a vintage crystal ashtray, a blown glass heart from a trip to Mexico, decorative bottle stoppers)


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